Tous fadas sur la rive gauche

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From 27 April to 18 August, Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche and La Grande Épicerie de Paris are going to be making waves with the essence of Marseille and the South of France. As the weather gets warmer, the store will feature an exhibition that radiates the “fada” spirit of Marseille: a little mad, slightly extravagant, wildly provocative and wholeheartedly summery, bringing some much-needed sunshine to the capital.

On the ground floor, enjoy an atmosphere of lazy relaxation, surrounded by fishermen’s cottages. On the first floor, our partner brand Souleiado is setting up for the summer with scenery straight from a village square in the South of France, celebrating the Provence way of life. Embrace the carefree spirit of the South. Follow the guide!


Le fada guide

Relax on the village square with Souleiado

The exhibition's guest of honour Souleiado is taking over Le Bon Marché, laden with lavender, olive branches and pastis.

The first floor will instantly take your breath away. Within a recreation of a pretty village square, colourful clothes, quilted bags, summery prints and large tables bring to mind perfect summer evenings. To mark the occasion, the brand has even set up a small café for moments of tranquillity and togetherness. I’ll have a lemonade!

Visit the first floor. 

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Lazy days at Le Bon Marché

It’s just like being in Marseille! Time to don your sunglasses and straw hat: easy pleasure and good spirits are this summer’s essentials. After stopping off at Grace Café to sample a menu based around the flavours of the South, immerse yourself in the world of Maison Empereur and thread your way through the aisles of the ground floor, which has now turned into a coastal village. Pétanque balls, swimsuits, beach towels...24 rue de Sèvres is most definitely the new South! 

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Le Panier surprise de l'été

L'iconique Panier Surprise du Bon Marché Rive Gauche fait son retour sur Le Shop avec une édition estivale pour l'exposition « Tous Fadas sur la Rive Gauche ».


Pour l'occasion, deux prochaines mises en ligne sont prévues les 6 juin et 25 juillet à 17h.

À l'intérieur, des marques complètement fadas vous offrent leurs produits favoris : Atelier Siméon, Bee it, Cagnard, La Crique, La Boule Bleue, Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche, Maison Mère, Méduse, Mon Précieux Gem, Neurosisterclub, Poivre Blanc, Rendel, Studio 464, Vacances Permanentes, et Vadi Jewels.


Tentez votre chance de commander l'une des très exclusives pièces du tout nouveau Panier surprise d'été !

Revel in the taste of the South

This summer festival celebrates the spirit of Provence, artisan tradition and French craftsmanship. You can explore all this on the ground floor of Le Bon Marché, but also in La Grande Épicerie de Paris with a range of delicacies brimming with the flavours of elsewhere. Continue your journey up through the floors, where famous designers have come together to make the Maison shine.

Visit the Maison on the first and second floors above La Grande Épicerie de Paris. 

Pack your bags (a little early!)

It’s official: on the banks of the Seine, just like in the Calanques of Marseille, we’re already dreaming of holidays, just waiting to set sail and drift away. Our sunglasses are already out and our bags are almost packed, all eyes firmly on the horizon. Here comes the summer, and it’s going to be “fada”! 

Visite guidée avec Jennifer, Directrice du Style au Bon Marché