From 26th August to 15th October, Le Bon Marché is painting the Rive Gauche in rosy pink, flamenco red and giant polka dots for an immersive exhibition of imagery. The mistress of ceremony for this rather fun post-summer celebration? The greatest Spanish artist, Rossy de Palma. Known for her joie de vivre, arched eyebrows and allure, Pedro Almodóvar’s muse is taking up residence at 24 rue de Sèvres.

For the occasion, Le Bon Marché is celebrating fantasy with a surrealist trail. An ode to dadaist art, designed as a stroll through the winding streets where traditional and handmade items are dressed-up for the occasion. Extravagant and extraordinary: beautiful fashion and accessories to get that energy flowing.

Your heart will sing. It’s colourful and gay! You’re all invited. Olé!

Rossy de Palma, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, and Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche passionately recommend rounding up your cash to support cultural diversity and UNESCO.


From 24 February To 27 July 2024
The 24 February 2024
The 28 February 2024

Welcome to Villa Rossy!

The glass roof is trembling, the air is on fire...you’re not dreaming, Rossy de Palma is here! Her aura fills every corner of the store, inviting you enter her secret world on the second floor. Here you can laugh, flatter and be flattered and see her favourite items of every kind. In this flamboyant, imaginary house, extravagance blends with a whirlwind of creations and collaborations across departments. You might say it's, ‘La vie en Rossy!’

Extravagance par excellence

A nod to its colourful guest, the store is unveiling a fantastical, vibrant world. Unique items and creations that make you want to say Olé. Olé for colour. Olé for quirky looks: the house sets the tone, grey is out, fashion is changing it up. As for the ground floor... Amagat is tempting taste buds with a tapas bar.

It had to be done. Le Bon Marché did it. Olé!

à la une de La Gazette

https://www.lebonmarche.com/dw/image/v2/BBWG_PRD/on/demandware.static/-/Sites-LeBonMarche-Library/default/dwceccf713/OLE OLE/Les favoris de Rossy/oléolé_27.jpg?sw=360&sh=360&sm=cut&sfrm=jpg

Olé Olé : les créations de Rossy

https://www.lebonmarche.com/dw/image/v2/BBWG_PRD/on/demandware.static/-/Sites-LeBonMarche-Library/default/dwc6f5a6ed/OLE OLE/L'affaire est dans le sac de Caroline de Benoist/AFL_CAROLINE_DB_26.jpg?sw=360&sh=360&sm=cut&sfrm=jpg

La casa bariolée : l'extravagance dans l'assiette

https://www.lebonmarche.com/dw/image/v2/BBWG_PRD/on/demandware.static/-/Sites-LeBonMarche-Library/default/dw596d49af/OLE OLE/BEAUTE/Olé Olé_beauté_8.jpg?sw=360&sh=360&sm=cut&sfrm=jpg

Beauté Olé Olé : et si on adoptait une routine végétale

https://www.lebonmarche.com/dw/image/v2/BBWG_PRD/on/demandware.static/-/Sites-LeBonMarche-Library/default/dw1ef63aa7/OLE OLE/ITW Maria de la Orden/Maria-de-la-Orden---Header.jpg?sw=360&sh=360&sm=cut&sfrm=jpg

L’interview-café de Maria de la Orden

https://www.lebonmarche.com/dw/image/v2/BBWG_PRD/on/demandware.static/-/Sites-LeBonMarche-Library/default/dw85a95e11/OLE OLE/L'affaire est dans le sac de Caroline de Benoist/AFL_CAROLINE_DB_30.jpg?sw=360&sh=360&sm=cut&sfrm=jpg

L'affaire est dans le sac de... Caroline de Benoist

https://www.lebonmarche.com/dw/image/v2/BBWG_PRD/on/demandware.static/-/Sites-LeBonMarche-Library/default/dwfcdd57f7/OLE OLE/Gris-gris/GRIS-GRIS-HEADER.jpg?sw=360&sh=360&sm=cut&sfrm=jpg

Quels bijoux porter selon votre signe astrologique ?

https://www.lebonmarche.com/dw/image/v2/BBWG_PRD/on/demandware.static/-/Sites-LeBonMarche-Library/default/dw8f820089/OLE OLE/OLE OLE ENFANT/enfants-ole-ole.jpg?sw=360&sh=360&sm=cut&sfrm=jpg

Olé (petits) cœurs : créativité et fantaisie pour les enfants

https://www.lebonmarche.com/dw/image/v2/BBWG_PRD/on/demandware.static/-/Sites-LeBonMarche-Library/default/dwaa32e190/OLE OLE/Très Personnel Shopper/AFL_CAROLINE_DB_21.jpg?sw=360&sh=360&sm=cut&sfrm=jpg

Très Personnel Shopper : 3 idées de look Olé Olé !

Découvrez Olé Olé en magasin