2ème étage

An ancestral heritage


The first pages of the Namiki story are written about Ryosuke Namiki and Masao Wada, who started out as merchant marine engineers. In 1918, their first gold nib made in Japan was mounted onto a body of ebonite, a material that is sensitive to heat and humidity. Starting in 1925, inspired by the lacquer used to protect precious objects, they began working with lacquer artisans, later united within the Kokkokai Group. The modernity of their pens was then enhanced by craft tradition: Maki-e, a lacquer technique passed on between generations of virtuoso artisans. Namiki fountain pens are the pinnacle of beauty, technique and spirit inherited from their ancestors, as well as the roots of the PILOT group.

Art and material

The Kokkokai group still brings together artists of excellence who have followed long years of apprenticeship, ten years and sometimes more for certain techniques. The production of each Namiki pen requires the successive application of thin layers of lacquer: Urushi, the most beautiful natural lacquer in the world. With each new passage of his brush, the artist ennobles the material and the depth of the color intensifies. He knows how to sublimate all the raw materials offered by nature, gold, silver or mother-of-pearl, to meticulously compose decorations of great poetry, with striking effects.

An infinite inspiration

Nakimi draws its inspiration from the roots of the Shinto religion, an animist cult where deities and venerated spirits are present in every element of nature, plants, animals, the Milky Way, the sun, the moon... but also in the Japanese way of life.

The Chinkin models presented, made from Urushi and gold inlay, are a perfect reflection of this. You will discover pens of incredible refinement that showcase pines, silvery grasses or even cranes. An 18-carat gold nib, bearing the effigy of Mount Fuji, adds the final touch to these prestigious writing instruments.

NAMIKI, nourrit l’imaginaire depuis 1918