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Created in 1902 in Thiers's mountain massif by Blaise Dozorme, called "The Wolf" by his peers, the Claude Dozorme firm beautifies a bold cutlery. Based on an ancient know-how though modernized and upgraded, the Dozorme brand is definetely into creation and technical innovation and leaves no one indifferent. All the knife line is 100% made in France and its stated design is the perfect reflection of our times. Deeply respectful of its roots, the brand fits today's lifestyles. From Cannes to London, from Paris to New York: today more than ever, Claude Dozorme surprises, captivates and delights the universe of cutlery. Last century the Durolle river provided necessary power to actuate the spinning wheel. The grinders called "yellow bellies" pressed the blade on the grinding wheel to create its first edge lying on the bench and their dogs lied on their legs to warm them up.

A recognised and rewarded expertise

It is for this unrivalled expertise, that goes hand-in-hand with innovation and is passed down through the generations, that Claude Dozorme was awarded the title of Maître Artisan Coutelier by the French Chamber of Trade. With a view to the long-lasting success of his business, this superlative cutlery manufacturer continues to provide his employees with regular training both in ancestral and the latest cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. 

In 2009, to reward it for its deep roots in the region and its success, the Claude Dozorme cutlery firm was awarded the entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant label, a guarantee both of its expertise and the fact that its products are made entirely in France.

"The knife, mythical object, reminds the history of the man, his lifestyle and marks his place in time. The knife is almost as the second DNA of the human being, it is not at all an object as the others, that is why it is so charming, moving and very personal: it adapts itself to the man, serves him faithfully and the man shapes it, transforms it over times and according to his needs."

At Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche, you can find the iconic products of la Maison Claude Dozorme. French manufacturer fully integrated into the production of all its lines, Claude Dozorme reinterprets and reproduces the mythical French forms in order to beautify the French cutlery.

Discover the Flat Liner and the Thiers® knife with their dwarf birch and black platinium handles. Created by Claude Dozorme, whether for Laguiole or Thiers® knives, Dozorme liners can be dressed up or down, decorated with new features and can change with the times to fit current trends or the taste of individual buyers. The ultimate made-to-order knife! A different liner for each style!

French lifestyle as a whole has been rewarded by the French gastronomic meal joining the list of intangible cultural heritage of humanity. A lifestyle amply illustrated in the Dozorme company’s range of tableware designs. The cutlery manufacturer is thus actively safeguarding and perpetuating these strong french culinary traditions. Only at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche, discover the Thiers® knife with a dwarf birch and black platinium handle.

Know how

Claude Dozorme, Blaise's grand-son, decided to invest in tools and mechanisation in the early 1980s. The Claide Dozorme brand was born as well as the first Laguiole non-folding table knife. 

Since 1991, Claude's daughter Claudine Dozorme, is the head of the family business. Her arrival has revolutionized the brand and its development. 

Practical and robust, Le Thiers corkscrew can be taken everywhere with you. Very versatile, its double blade offers great possibilities of use. The pimples on the blade allow the knife to be opened with one hand. 

Named after the French cutlery capital, the Thiers® was inspired by the concerted thoughts of a whole profession. Out of respect for authenticity and the strict manufacturing rules, Dozorme fully produces its Thiers® knives and spare parts itself.

The flagship products of the family business, this extensive range of Flat Liner Locks is an unquestionable favourite with lovers of sleek design and simple, pure shapes. Liners can be easily slipped into a bag or wallet, or hooked into a shirt pocket.

Contrary to common beliefs, the Laguiole is not a trademark but a pocket knife. Recognizable with its curved shape and its bee, the first Laguiole non-folding table knife was created by Claude Dozorme.