2nd Floor
05/29/2023 12:39:31 PM
Pierre Hardy

Unique creations with architectural lines

Pierre Hardy logo

Pierre Hardy is a creative force. A set designer, visual artist and then illustrator, he discovered the world of footwear with Christian Dior in the 1980s, before working with the greatest fashion houses while refining a unique style. A radical, graphic, elegant, modern and inventive style. Above all, Pierre Hardy's creations avoid the pitfall of self-reference. The designer looks for inspiration beyond textile fashion or catwalk trends, and draws his inspiration from various worlds. From the plastic arts, he retains a balance in bold colour combinations, a virtuoso use of lines and blocks of colour. From architecture and design, he draws the essential work on volumes and shapes that are at the heart of the brand identity. From sculpted heels to jewellery, from vibrantly coloured sneakers to minimalist shoes, Pierre Hardy's designs are an ode to creativity.

« Je dois mon goût pour l'harmonie, la composition et l'équilibre à ma formation et à ma culture classique. Et c'est ma formation artistique qui me donne envie de réorienter ces notions, de les contorsionner, de les tordre, de m'en libérer. (…) J'ai ce fantasme de la créativité totale. Même si l'inspiration peut surgir de partout, ce dynamisme vers l'avenir, cet élan vers demain me fascine. » - Pierre Hardy