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La tradition des belles peluches


A French family brand that was founded in 1976. La Pelucherie was relaunched 5 years ago by the founder’s granddaughters. We create unique and high quality plush toys that are imagined in France and hand-sewn in our historical workshop in Italy. Unique, according to the know-how of the past, they each have their own facial expressions with attention to details such as nostrils made out of felt and leather eyelids !

Our soft toys are carefully crafted with great attention to detail: from a realistic design to the choice of fabric, including the expression of the toy. Our plush toys are ideal for decoration or cuddling ! Friends for life, for people of all ages, young and old ! Our aspiration is to make our plush toys become the ultimate push present, a child’s new friend for life and a beautiful piece of decoration !

All of our plush toys have already been adopted by renown and exclusive french brands and luxury hotels in France and internationally.

Mon chien Hector, à partir de 75€.

Mon lapin Léon, à partir de 45€.

Mon ours Jules, à partir de 120€.

La Pelucherie, des jouets (trop beaux) en forme d’animaux

Découvrez le concept de la marque française de peluche dans l'article de La Gazette et évadez-vous transporte dans un monde animal et très amical.

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