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Founded in 2007, Devialet is an acoustic engineering company operating at the intersection of luxury and advanced technology. Devialet is on a mission elevating sound to its rightful place in our lives, providing audiences around the world with a uniquely intricate and moving listening experience. The company's success is based on a series of radical innovations integrated into all Devialet products: Expert Pro amplifiers, Phantom speakers and Devialet Gemini wireless headphones. By combining unparalleled sound quality with refined and modern design, Devialet's engineers are committed to the pursuit of outstanding innovation to push the boundaries of sound engineering. By combining digital and analogue, Devialet has invented́ a revolutionary hybrid technology: the ADH®. Now emblematic of the brand, this has completely transformed sound amplification, to provide unparalleled sound quality.

Le son Devialet

En associant une qualité sonore inégalée à un design raffiné et moderne, les ingénieurs de Devialet sont engagés dans la poursuite d'une exigence d'innovation hors du commun pour repousser les limites de l'ingénierie du son. En alliant le digital et l’analogique, Devialet a inventé une technologie hybride révolutionnaire : l’ADH®. Désormais emblématique de la marque, celle-ci a totalement transformé l’amplification du son, pour procurer une qualité sonore inégalée.

Phantom I. Implosive sound.

Forget what you think you know. Unlike any wireless speakers that have gone before, Phantom I revolutionary technologies fuse together to deliver an intense emotional experience. One you can literally feel in your bones. Plug, play and unleash the physical impact of a high-end ultra-dense sound with power, clarity and precision like nothing you've ever encountered, all the way up to 108dB SPL.

Phantom II. Compact. Immense.

This is Phantom Reactor, a new breed of wireless speaker. By stretching size and performance beyond reasonable limits, Devialet engineers have brought to life the only ultra-compact home sound system capable of delivering high fidelity and physical impact, whatever volume you listen at. Insanely powerful. Defiantly small.

Devialet Gemini, (im)permeable sound.

Meet a new generation of earbuds. Transforming fifteen years of acoustics R&D and engineering into a portable design you can enjoy on the move. The best sound in all its dimensions.

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Phantom I, implosive sound.