Your beauty wish list for glowing skin


Step into spring with effective beauty rituals for radiant, glowing skin thanks to our selection of star products for the season.

Just as lighter pieces are finding their way back into our wardrobe, the arrival of warmer weather is also the perfect occasion to choose lightweight and delicate textures for a feeling of softness on the skin.

The Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche beauty team has selected three skincare products for you, from the four corners of the world, to incorporate into your spring routine. What a beautiful start to the new season! 

Look after your eyes

Take care of the most delicate part of your face by providing it with generous amounts of vitamin B, C and E and complementary botanical extracts with the Exalted Eye Serum from Aēsop, a certified B Corporation brand.

With their recognisable minimalist apothecary-style bottles, the products from this Australian brand and particularly the Skin Care+ range, focused on nourishing and comforting products, offer targeted skincare with appealing plant notes.

The Exalted Eye Serum is lightweight and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive, mature, dull, uneven and tired-looking skin. To apply, dab gently onto the eye contour, then follow with a gentle massage for a moment of pure relaxation!

AĒSOP, Exalted Eye Serum, 15ml, 93€. 

Turn back the signs of ageing!

The deeply nourishing EGF Power Cream is a major milestone in anti-ageing skincare.

BIOEFFECT is the result of countless scientific research studies on protecting your skin’s natural beauty by maintaining the youthfulness and vitality of the epidermis.

This new generation of skincare has come straight from Iceland and harnesses the power of the well-known EGF protein.

The cream has a characteristically modern, firmer, rich and non-oily texture, and it restores a fresh, balanced and radiant complexion. This cream is perfect for anyone looking for a highly effective cream, and it can be combined with the cult Serum from the same range for optimal results. 

BIOEFFECT, EGF Power Cream, 50ml, 185€. 

Boost your skin’s youthful appearance!

Discover the Cushioning Day Cream by Omorovicza exclusively at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche! It acts like a cushion to protect against external aggression by boosting your epidermis’s natural barriers for visibly plumper skin.

The amazing effects of Omorovicza skincare come from minerals found in the legendary Hungarian thermal baths, and it delivers them deep into the skin throughout the day.

This natural elixir, combined with the Healing Concentrate™ – patented by the brand – is suitable for all skin types. With its lightweight and hydrating texture, the cream melts into the skin.

Our beauty tip: for more visible effects, try a few spritzes of the Queen of Hungary mist on your skin before applying your cream. This step prepares your skin for the application of skincare and improves its ability to absorb the hydrating benefits of the Cushioning Day Cream

OMOROVICZA, Cushioning Day Cream, 50ml, 145€.

An effective facial workout, in 3 steps by FaceKult

The best facialist? You.

Incorporate the right techniques into your new beauty routine for an even more radiant complexion with FaceKult!

As the face has 40 muscles, it is important to exercise it regularly. The good news: facial gym does not require a lot of effort. More good news: the effects are visible from the very first session. Even more good news (it just gets better!): a few minutes are all it takes to reveal a radiant complexion, diminished dark circles and smoother features.

Discover facial gym with FaceKult