Interview: Maria Tash


Pioneer and true icon of chic and glamorous piercing, Maria Tash has revolutionised the world of ear jewellery. On the occasion of the opening of her space at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche, discover the exclusive portrait of the woman who handles the delicacy of diamonds like no other. 

Discover the MARIA TASH space on the store's second floor.

© Maria Tash

Where does your love for jewellery come from?

My love for jewellery is an integral part of my personality. As a child I was fascinated by my mother's jewellery box and loved to go through all her necklaces, much to her amusement.

I remember as a child drawing flowers on paper napkins, and my mother taking me to her jewellery-making class in the evening, where I hammered designs onto bangles. As a young teenager, I wound wire into multi-finger rings, and even crocheted a metal purse.

I was fascinated by the music and aesthetics of gothic, new-wave and punk culture, when multiple lobe, cartilage or nostril piercings were a sign of social status. In my late teens, I had numerous earlobe and cartilage piercings and had my nostril pierced twice, while regularly sticking a gemstone in my belly button (long before piercings there).

I have been fortunate enough to visit great museums, admire historic jewellery and attend fine jewellery shows in Manhattan; all experiences that have cultivated my interest and guided my evolution in jewellery.

© Maria Tash

The MARIA TASH jewellery collection is made of high quality gold and consists of beautiful diamond shapes representing flowers, stars or even spikes. Where do you get the inspiration for your designs?

From fashion to architecture, I have numerous sources of inspiration. Recently I have been fascinated by the modern vision of integrated lighting in interior design. I'm thinking of the way hidden light filters behind a stone surface, or the flush lighting that can inspire me to veil the brilliance of diamonds on a metal surface or place them unexpectedly on the edge of a metal creation.

What advice would you give to those who would like to take the plunge into the world of piercing but are still hesitating?

It's normal to be a little anxious before getting a piercing. However, the tools and skills of piercers are so advanced today that the slight pinch of the piercing is worth all the years of satisfaction your personal decoration will bring. It’s best to have a vision of how you would like your body to look, and my stylists are trained to help you choose the pieces, styles and locations that will best suit your skin tone and enhance your personal aesthetic.

What are the key pieces for customers starting their Curated Ear collection?

I like well-fitting rings in deliberately spaced piercings on unusual parts of the ear. Among the essential pieces are eternity rings with invisibly-set round or marquise diamonds, or my charms chips adorned with diamonds, a playful fusion of the chip and the charm. For those who don't want stones, my three-pointed gold eternity rings are still a classic.

© Maria Tash

What are the big piercing must-haves for this season? 

I think the new piercings I patented, the Tash Helix℠ and the Tash Hidden Rook℠, are fabulous and unusual. These models have a playful personality that will appeal to customers looking for originality. For those who love earlobe designs, a second piece of jewellery with an upper lobe piercing adds a modern touch. I am also proud to note the increasing number of people skilfully playing around with my 'floating' creations, whose patented hinge mechanism allows a diamond to hang from a nail in a delicate movement. 

Your brand's expertise in custom-made piercings is back at Le Bon Marché. What does our department store mean to you?  

I am delighted to be back, permanently, at Le Bon Marché! I had a great time in our pop-up shop before the pandemic, and I'm honoured that my designs are now permanently featured there, with a large space on the second floor for my talented team. This department store is a true icon in Paris and it is a privilege to be part of the experience. 

As a New Yorker, what is your favourite place in Paris?

I love historical monuments and, having spent so much time in New York, I never tire of looking at the rich and refined facades of Parisian buildings, the arches, gold and gilding of a bygone era. And of course, the food is incredibly good! 

© Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche

The MARIA TASH studio

Succumb to the incredible charm of diamonds with MARIA TASH. The chic piercing brand straight from New York sets up shop at Le Bon Marché to let you discover the cutting-edge art of ear jewellery. 

Come to the MARIA TASH studio for a personalised piercing experience and get tailor-made advice to create your own unique combination.

© Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche