An effective 3-step facial workout by FaceKult



Trends come and go. So, what does the future hold for facial gym? Are you sceptical? With so many fans, there must be a good reason for its success. We tried it out for you.

The best facialist? You.

As the face has 40 muscles, it is important to exercise it regularly. The good news: facial gym does not require a lot of effort. More good news: the effects are visible from the very first session. Even more good news (it just gets better!): a few minutes are all it takes to reveal a radiant complexion, diminished dark circles and smoother features. Here is the technique to use, according to FaceKult.

Try it yourself on the first floor of Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche.

It only takes two minutes!

Warm-up (1 minute): cleanse your face with small circular movements using the FaceKult Detoxifying Oil Jelly and your fingers or a mushroom duo. The skin will start to soften and relax. And you will too!

Training (30 seconds): apply the Instant Cellular Serum to give your skin a boost. The techniques depend on the shape of your face and your skin type. The only effort you need to make is to schedule a video coaching session with the FaceKult experts to personalise your routine.

Stretching (30 seconds): smooth and sculpt the tissue deep down by applying the FaceKult Strengthening Supple Balm using your thumbs or a gua sha stone, to stimulate collagen production. And for the final glow, hydrate your skin with a small amount of Oxygenating Cream. 

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