Collaborations to help you get the artistic look at home

Want your home to feel like that of an artist, featuring unique pieces made by renowned craftsmen, while reflecting you above all else? Then don’t miss these exclusive collaborations, part of Exposition X!

Art, design and decoration are the order of the day at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche, in bringing together artisans and creatives around some unusual objects!

Portraits of different kinds by Happy Funky Family, colourful tableware, designer perfume bottles and an electric guitar beautified by butterflies – all pieces to make your home feel more creative and artistic!

A unique interior that reflects who you are

Unforgettable memories

With boundless family spirit, unfailing curiosity and an appetite for the artistic world, Happy Funky Family turns your pictures into real works of art. The Happy Funky Sisters (Nathalie and Caroline) have been bringing family photos ‘up to date’ since January 2020, making the memories they evoke more joyful in the process.

For Exhibition X at Le Bon Marché, the founders will showcase an Arty decoration, highlighting the work of international artists. Family portraits can be transformed into watercolours, drawings or collages that take customised art to the next level.

Head for the ground floor

Fragrance to enhance your home

The iconic Italian perfume house Acqua Di Parma and the most popular design school in Milan, Instituto Del Design, have given six young artists carte blanche to create an original Colonia perfume bottle. Combining Italian craftsmanship, art and culture, this wonderful collaboration has given rise to 11 beautiful bottles topped with unique stoppers. Come and take in this unique collection of colourful and sensual Colonia bottles for yourself at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche.

An arty touch

Marin Montagut x Ritz

The prestigious Ritz hotel on Place Vendôme invited artist and illustrator Marin Montagut to capture its brand of eternal Parisian chic. The resulting exclusive collection includes secret storage books, shadow boxes, silk scarves and cushions, plates and mugs. Explore the depths of this Parisian world at Le Bon Marché!

Gibson x Pocket Factory

The most famous electric guitar in rock history, Gibson's Les Paul has been given an exciting and colourful makeover, thanks to a kaleidoscope of butterflies. Butterflies from the four corners of the globe appear to dance to the rhythm of the music in the work by artist Benjamin Pietri.

Smythson x Lizzie King

Both heavily inspired by London culture, Smythson and Lizzie King combine their expertise in this colourful collaboration. The luxury leather goods brand and the artist from East London draw on heritage and art, classicism and fantasy in the creation of two new notebooks.

and retro!

The French art de vivre

With their fondness for time-honoured expertise, the decorative paper company Antoinette Poisson and the bistro chair brand Philippe Model are teaming up for a collaboration steeped in tradition. Celebrating the French art of living, craftsmanship and aesthetics of the 18th century, the brands have created a collection spanning domino wallpaper, beautiful boxes, household linen and furniture sporting exclusive designs. Made with respect for the craftsmanship of that time, come and see the pieces you can use to introduce a retro feel to your home!

Mellow yellow

Jaune Fabrique marries design and technology in producing its interactive lighting. Jaune (yellow), is also the colour of the famous Molitor swimming pool in the 16th arrondissement de Paris. Discover the unique musical and sensory experience the two have created as part of an acoustic and luminous collaboration.

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