Collaborations to make you feel good!


Enter a world of beauty and wellness with 100% feel-good vibes at Exposition X, a meeting place where you'll find numerous unexpected and creative collaborations!

Designed to help you see life through rose-tinted glasses, Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche invites you to discover a space dedicated to beauty and unique experiences, with a wide range of different hybrid collaborations!

Come and savour a bewitching cocktails that blends together the worlds of Kilian, the king of sultry fragrances, and the Parisian club Castel, then pamper yourself with a manicure from Aime and Kure Bazaar.

For those of you with green fingers, you can try your hand at some gardening with By Charlot and Holidermie. Then, treat yourself to the sweet flavours of Maison Carrousel and La Mer as you sip the latest beauty elixir created by Wild and the Moon and Maison Flamel. And don't forget to give in to the charms of the bottles with personalised medals from Medaï and Bienaimé, or to plan your new evening routine with Naelie x Prescription Lab!

Kilian x Castel

Succumb to the intoxicating flirtation between Kilian, the king of modern perfumes, and Castel, the iconic Parisian club, who both invite you to discover a pop-up bar on the first floor of Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche.

These two iconic institutions have worked together on a “Crazy Collaboration” to offer you a unique experience that revolves around both perfumes and spirits, inspired by the sultry fragrances of the night.

Here you'll find delicate crystal decanters mingled with bottles of perfume with intriguing notes. On the menu is a varied selection of fragrances from five different olfactive families: Fresh, Narcotic, Cave Wood, Smoke and, the latest addition, Liqueur.

Make the pleasure last with the two limited-edition sets available exclusively at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche. Give in to the party spirit with the various unique creations, such as the Crazy Collaboration set or the Crazy Rouge set. It's up to you to choose which set will make you dance till dawn!

→ Discover the magical world of Kilian x Castel at a workshop dedicated to the secrets of mixology at 6:45pm on the 17th of March at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche. 

Aime X Kure Bazaar

Taking care of yourself on both the inside and outside has become the mantra of new brands like Aime. With a holistic approach to beauty, Aime offers treatments for the skin as well as food supplements.

It is therefore only natural that Aime would work with Kure Bazaar, the leading brand of environmentally-friendly nail polishes, to come up with a pouch dedicated to the beauty of hands, both “inside and out”. To make your nails even stronger and more beautiful, combine the Pink Glow nail treatment from Kure Bazaar with an Aime food supplement. This perfect duo will bring out the beauty of your nails with a subtle pearly shine, while also strengthening them with just the right amount of “glow” from Aime.

With wonder on the menu, these two brands invite you to visit Café Aime for a wellness break, where you can enjoy nail polish applications, talks, beauty drinks, sweet treats, and even a cabin with LED lights, for a glow express session.

Head for the 1st floor.

Maison Carrousel x La Mer

Why not treat yourself? The French confectioner, Maison Carrousel, is joining forces with the American skincare brand La Mer to offer you a sweet experience.

Taste some wonderful marshmallows in exclusive flavours of lime, black tea, raspberry, spirulina and walnut; the signature flavours of La Mer's star beauty cream.

These round-shaped delights bring to mind the brand's iconic pot, stamped with “La Mer”. And if that wasn't sweet enough, you can also make up your own box of treats at the marshmallow bar, set up specially for the occasion. 

Head for the 1st floor.

→ Take a moment to get away from it all with Maison Carrousel and La Mer at 6:30pm on the 23rd of March, at La Table restaurant on the 1st floor of La Grande Epicerie de Paris Rive Gauche.

Holidermie x By Charlot

Holidermie, a pioneer in holistic beauty, treats beauty as a global concept by breaking down the boundaries between skincare, nutrition and wellness. And this is a life philosophy that can also be cultivated at home, thanks to the thousands of virtues and benefits of plants.

By Charlot is breaking new ground in aesthetic design by offering plants that can be used as real decorative elements. And the final defining feature is a simple label revealing the name By Charlot has given to the plant, inspired by its unique nature and “moods”.

Bonded by their mutual passion for nature, Holidermie and By Charlot have created three new plant pots with their own evocative names. Dress up your space with a new Glow plant and cultivate wellbeing in your home.

Head for the 1st floor.

Encore plus de collab' pour se faire du bien !

Maison Flamel x Wild and the Moon

Enjoy a beauty experience at Café Alchimique, a meeting point between the cosmetics brand Samer Zakharia and Emma Sawko's vegetarian restaurant that is designed to do you good.

You can enjoy elixirs produced using all the virtues of the treatments, to make you glow inside and out, and this is before or after you try Maison Flamel's impressive signature oxygen treatment free of charge. A hybrid beauty treatment that combines superfoods to achieve an even more remarkable result! 

Naelie x Prescription Lab

Enjoy a peaceful night's sleep thanks to this collaboration between Prescription Lab, the experts behind a box of carefully selected beauty products, and the lingerie brand Naelie. These two names have joined forces to release the Sleeping Beauty Box: a simply irresistible set of essential products that will help you fall into the arms of Morpheus. It contains a pillow mist with 5 essential oils, reusable eye patches, a night elixir face serum for a gentle beauty routine, a Zen spray, a magazine and a cute lingerie surprise.

Enhance your beauty routine by attending the evening wellness masterclass provided by Diane Sabbag, founder of the Naelie brand.

Medaï x Bienaimé

Here you have a beautiful collaboration overflowing with emotions! Medaï, a personalised medal brand, is working in partnership with Bienaimé, a perfume house that takes you back in time. Brimming with poetry, these pieces available exclusively from Le Bon Marché are revealed along with romantic refillable bottles and reusable cases that are full of natural formulas. It's only logical that a personalised medal should be slipped on there; a unique story to wear in the hollow of your neck!